About Carol

Bio photo Carol Maurin Pittsburgh Photographer

I love making pictures. Whether I am in the darkroom developing black and white prints from negatives (yes, I still use film) or working on color images behind the computer, I simply love what I do. Regardless of medium it is the opportunity to engage with my clients that makes this work so much fun. Over the years I have met (and often made friends) with so many amazing people (and their pets, too). After perusing my website feel free to call me to arrange a visit to the studio and learn more about my work.

Most images are available for licensing for stock photography. The website features an extensive collection of images... humorous and sad, dignified and light-hearted, wondrous and familiar, and culturally diverse. All B&W on this site is film. Color is a combination of film and digital.

I maintain studios in Pittsburgh, PA and Winston-Salem, NC.