About Carol

Bio photo Carol Maurin Pittsburgh Photographer

Portrait photography is a language of expressions. Carol combines an artistic eye, psychological insight, and technical expertise to transform living expressions into lasting images. The result is a visual story that portrays the unique character of each subject.

Carol's privately commissioned black and white portraits are hand-printed in the darkroom from negatives on beautiful fibre-based paper. In contrast to the fast pace of digital photography, the slow chemistry of the darkroom brings a distinctive depth to the finished image. Great care is taken to maintain the highest conservation qualities in each silver-gelatin print. These heirloom pieces will be enjoyed for many generations.

Carol uses state of the art digital equipment for her commercial and color work.

Most images are available for licensing for stock photography. All B&W on this site is film. Color is a combination of film and digital.

Carol maintains studios in Winston-Salem, NC and Pittsburgh, PA.